среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Popcorn Hour S-200

Once upon a time I watched movies on a computer monitor.
Then, arbitrary decision has been purchased and connected to the TV special, which replaced the small screen in this hard business. Watching movies has become much more enjoyable.
When a computer with a TV have settled in different rooms and the usual length of VGA cable was not enough, he was replaced by a DVI-HDMI and it was even better.
However, running from your computer to your TV has to strain. Did not save even wireless keyboard and mouse.

There has matured and the idea to get a separate devaysom. Buy some Blue-Ray/DVD player - it is not our method. Record each time the disc, disc in the drive to push - in our highly technological age is no longer fashionable, and just lazy. We had something else.

The first idea was to buy just one more computer, but it also must be picked.
The idea of ​​the second -. nettop. ! . But the doubt in terms of speed.

And then. anton_k. suggested such a thing as an interesting. Popcorn Hour S-200. He took just as read. technical characteristics. It turned out exactly what you need.

American company, do, of course, in China. Send as much direct from China. The boys no longer cope with the orders, so send lots. It's only a month.

Device was immediately installed and plugged in the TV and the modem.

Very afraid of dancing with a tambourine around the network settings, but, lo and behold, it worked immediately. He checked the firmware update through the Net, download and install the latest.

Device network sees the ball well. Now you can. drink the juice straight from the comfort of the pool. watch movies and stuff from the computer, without even leaving the couch.

Device understands a lot of codecs and subs. The latter is in a separate file and in containers such as 'MKV' ( there are certainly exceptions).

Device draws 40 gigs Blue-Ray images with no brakes on the software that not every player is able to.

Device can go to internet, but only through a specially created for his services. Not everything always works. , And not always necessary, but not a bad idea. He even has a built- Torrent client.

Device comes without a hard disk drive and Blue-Ray/DVD, but can be connected separately in a specially reserved for this slot.

Well, all this economy well managed with its own remote control.

Now we need to think in the direction of a good sound.

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Everybody Dies But Me (Video)

Those who think such an arrangement is not very plausible, Vivos has to think about a possible nuclear war, devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, and the intrigues of the enemies of mankind, and yet to reserve a spot in the bunker.

The company Vivos, based in California, in the past engaged in the construction of atomic shelters. But then the firm's management apparently decided that as far more profitable to build large luxury bunker in which anyone (of course, a considerable amount - 50,000 USD) will be able to have fun and tasty to the days when his native land will writhe in apocalyptic .

Until, of course, there are no bunkers Vivos is not built, but now the company says that anyone who wants to survive, should hurry - it is half of the 132 seats in the first bunker surrendered, despite the fact that it does not exist yet. However, Vivos took care of their customers and gave them the opportunity to get acquainted with the virtual model of the future of asylum in California's Mojave Desert.

If we reject the idea that everything shown in the video - not real, you can even really envy those who have already invested in the bunker and wonder who guaranteed safety in the event of a doomsday. The scope of the project is simply amazing: the bunker promise not only to furnish a modern, comfortable furniture, and equipped with the fruits of civilization such as plasma TVs, computers, washing machines and stereos.

Besides, the shelter will be set up a hospital, a media center, gym, library and even a prison. In short, in a place of any inhabitant of the planet would have gladly settled down and just, without any end of the world. By the way, the company promises that the supply of water and food in the hopper will last for years.

According to the authors of the project, after the settlement of the inhabitants of the bunker, which is shaped like a flower with ten petals, will be to manage the life under the ground. That is, residents of shelters will have to choose older and delegate the right to manage administrative processes and to solve organizational problems.

Somehow this concept is reminiscent of the plot television series ' Lost ', only here in the bunkers of the American firm is unlikely to be set button, clicking on that at regular intervals, you can save the world from destruction and death. It is obvious that such a development the company is not particularly profitable.