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Vesti.net ' exhibition of achievements ' from Google in Moscow

Google. held a conference in Moscow Mobile Day, which spoke of his accomplishments in Russia and some plans for the future. Announced that the mobile application Goggles finally been Russified. So now it can read the Russian text with photos.
Recall, Goggles - an application for image recognition. Simply take a picture of the camera mobile phone of any object, then the system sends an image of the cloud, analyzes it, generates a query and displays search results.
The system recognizes good architecture, not to mention the inscriptions - such as titles, cover CD, DVD or wines. In addition, the search engine immediately reads and decodes bar codes and can even recognize some of the dishes, animals, and even money.
But to recognize the face Goggles will not be. This is - the company's policy. About six months ago the head of Google Eric Schmidt said that such systems exist, but their use in Goggles may be an invasion of privacy. Interestingly, by the way, the principle of Goggles. Recognition of different types of objects involved in different engines, and therefore different servers.
... One - for the bar code, the other - to recognize the attractions, the third - for products, and so on - says technical director of Google Goggles, Adam Hartwig. - Single -recognition technology is not. First, we get just a photo, and then the system analyzes it and sends to the correct machine '.
Russians also formally presented the new ' google phone ', Galaxy Nexus. Here are just a system of face recognition, it must recognize the host and automatically unlock when it is a. However, at the first presentation in Hong Kong, it did not work. In Moscow, during an interview with the director of mobile marketing Google Marc Vanlerberge her work, too, failed to demonstrate, but it showed how Google Beam. In short, nothing new about the Galaxy Nexus did not say, but vaguely explained - Buy Motorola does not mean that all of the following it will be guglofony Motorola.
' For each platform, which we produce, we select the best manufacturers ' hardware ', whether it's Samsung, HTC and Motorola. With each new release of software companies are fighting for the right to release in conjunction with our product. So we can not say exactly who it will be the next time ' - said director of mobile marketing Mark Vanlerberge Google.
More on the conference Mobile Day reported on plans Android- expansion in the domestic appliances within the framework of ' smart home '. Google hopes that in the future, most of the household gadget can manage with the help of Android devices.
Completed portion of the conference statistics. If you believe the analysts, Google, mobile internet keeps on smartphones. They generate 75 percent of the traffic. At the same time mobile Internet users in Russia this year, more than 40 million.
Their number is growing rapidly, as smartphones are becoming more accessible. Sales for the year doubled. Moreover, according to the forecast until the end of this year, sales of smartphones to Android for the first time exceed sales on Symbian devices. Over the past three years the average cost of a smartphone fell 33 percent, and there were machines that are available to almost everyone, which cost up to 5000 rubles.

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